Romania's anti-corruption protests are massive, growing, and they're playful and serious at once


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Good for them! Now let’s get Americans in the streets and get this fool tRump out. RESIST!


Protesting corruption? How quaint. I wish corruption was the worst thing over here.


This is whay we need more of — riots of reason!


If “Have a good time” is their motivation well, then it might as well be a just another winter holiday in Transylvania.


I am happy to see that the Women’s March organizers are planning “General Strike: A Day Without A Woman”. Date TBD.


The pattern here in the states seems to be, a rowdy rollicking good time protesting in the streets, and then lots of self congratulation as the opposition goes and does whatever it wanted to do in the first place. Blue America is great at registering its displeasure, not so great at actually shaping policy.


just coming in to say that same thing. We need to take notes!



“I’m my own woman.”


Are you -sure- this photo isn’t from the Trump inauguration?


Government takes on the Populace.
Oh, the Romanian Populace, you say?


Considering how those protests ended the last time, that government would be wise to take notice.
Also, their western neighbours could learn a thing or two from them.

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