Unbelievable protest video shows Paris looking like a war zone


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/12/07/unbelievable-protest-video-sho.html


Fucking social networks are going to happily facilitate the end of the world.


well, if anyone knows how to throw a protest right, it’s the french.


Yes, the following an old woman and scaring the shit out of her at 12:32 is particularly righteous. /s Evidently they were escorting her to relative safety. Pretty cool.


I see that BB is still pushing the narrative that the means of communication rather than Macron’s agenda which has people living on the edge and barely surviving are what’s fueling the protests.


When it comes to social media, Boingboing is like an animal rights activist who wears a leather jacket.





According to PJ O’Rourke the South Koreans also have good protest game


never said it was perfect.


They escorted her to her car, telling her not to stop and opened the way for her to get away safely. Find someone who understands French and they will confirm.

They damaged property but didn’t assault others than the police and Gendarmes :policewoman:


I wasn’t exactly meaning to criticize you. But rioting is the failure mode of society, and ultimate blame for it rests in the powers that be. Others seem to think Boing Boing’s contributors fail to understand this and are signalling otherwise. I disagree with them on that. (And yes, Facebook, like Macron’s government, is one of those powers.)


I couldn’t parse it despite some very rusty French. I’ll take your word for it though. And that is actually really encouraging. Thank you for correcting my misperception.


I’m confused. There was a riot? I thought it was a protest when white people do it?


Oui, oui.


Yes, and the whole world.


hey, it’s a fucking cool rad leather jacket man.


Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.


It tries, but those actually responsible usually escape the consequences of their actions.


Are the Russians involved at all? Asking for a friend.