Ronin: freeware ninja murder sim


The visuals immediately had me thinking “hmm, this looks an awful lot like Gunpoint.”

Turns out the maker of Gunpoint heard about this game too, and he loves it: It’s Time I Did Something About This ‘Gunpoint Ripoff’

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This reminds me of those great Xiao Xiao movies.

Tomasz Wacławek’s Windows-only opus really shines. You must simply play it, you must…

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I hate to be that guy but the words ninja and ronin are not compatible when referring to the same person.

In as much as the ninja ever actually existed and weren’t just a romanticised fiction that arose mostly from the Bunraku theatre movement, there would be nothing theoretically preventing a ronin (masterless samurai) from retraining as a ninja in order to find mercenary work; in fact, I’m pretty sure that a life time of military training would come in very handy if you were marketing yourself as a freelance assassin.

If you mean that a ronin would still be bound by the samurai concept of bushido and would be duty bound to fight honourably, I’m afraid that’s a fiction too. Yes, there was a great deal of emphasis on confucian ideas of social order (hence a samurai being bound to a shogun for service, because the shogun was above him in the natural order and therefore a good confucianist would always follow the orders of their betters) but the idea of bushido as we know it today is mostly an invention of a man called Inazo Nitobe, writing in the early twentieth century. Even samurai with masters were frequently used for political killings, and there would be literally nothing stopping a ronin from finding work as a paid assassin, which is where the notion of ninja as they exist today comes from.

Consider yourself out-“that guy”-ed.

Oddly enough in the 17 years I’ve lived in Japan and the history I’ve read in Japanese, I did learn those points yet I still stand behind my original comment. As much as the ninja ever actually existed they were hereditary clan based groups and not receptive to outsiders. I’d cite my sources but my books are all back in my house in Tokyo and I’m out at the family place for O Bon right now.

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Sorry, I knew what you meant but couldn’t resist the opportunity for a facetiously smug pop.

You don’t think that ninja are mostly the product of myth and legend more than an actual legitimate movement? Any history I’ve read about them that mentions them at all (before their appearance in bunraku) is usually unsourced and unreliable, to put it nicely. I’ve always assumed it was much the same as the machi yakko to yakuza “lineage”; sure, you can make connections to the pregenitor groups at a stretch, but in reality the latter-day groups formed fairly separately to the organisations they say were there predecessors, and overblow their claims so as to give themselves historical legitimacy.

Have you got any suggested reads? I’m not being facetious at all now, I’d be genuinely interested to read something academic about the subject, in English or Japanese…

//edit: Going way off-topic now in a thread about a light-hearted video game. Please PM me though if you have any suggestions…

Realistically the history of Japan pretty much up to Meiji is somewhat hazy when dealing with anything outside govt & prominent families. That pus the fact that there was reason enough at the time to deliberately record as little as possible about them due to the very nature of their supposed reason for existence. That said, there are credible Japanese authors who have written on what is recorded and so it seems to me that there is indeed something beyond myth and legend

As for suggested reads, to be honest I have no memory of titles or authors as I read up on that about a decade ago. I can’t even promise I’ll remember to go through my book storage when I get back to Tokyo next but if I remember I’ll send you something.

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