Roqos Core is a router that comes with its own cybersecurity hub


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Does it allow for an override, so you can still get to your MMORPG if it gets a wild hair and decides the security certificate is out of date?


$17 per month for the cloud-based Roqos protection services. If you stop subscribing, you can still use the device as a router, but because all the configuration occurs through your online account, you lose the ability to make router configuration changes.

(From a PC mag review)


A router has no business having an HDMI port.


Yeah, but Cyber.


non starter. b/c when the company is bought goes under or decides you need to upgrade hardware there goes your router.


That’s a pretty fucking big “but”.


What happens when the malware people start buying hardware companies?


Non starter because if I buy a router, I damn well better be able to configure it without a subscription service.

It was actually just the first thing I came across while trying to see how their “protection” works. Some of it sounds like it could be simple DNS blackholing, but they also mention “deep packet inspection” which made me wonder if they were actually MITMing TLS traffic. I couldn’t be arsed to continue after the mention about configuration.


Whoever signed off on that misfeature deserves to have someone rip them a new serial console port. One of the huge 25 pin ones.


Ethernet over HDMI is a thing; a thing I have never used, but still.


anyone wrote this one or we just got copy paste from the company? I understand you guys need to pay the bills but I would doubt seriously Corry would be happy, at least esoterically anyways… You advertise what you rail against? ugh…


Does not appear to be open source and does appear to be controlled by a third party, seems like a fail to me.
Where are the quality routers running OpenWRT or VyOS out of the box?


ASUS routers run a thing called AsusWRT, which is an enhanced version of OpenWRT. They also officially support the use of a 3rd party alternative called Merlin.


He gets paid either way


I’ll bet dollars to donuts there is a hidden back door that as of yet, only the manufacurer is aware, rendering the cyber security features null and useless.


he gets paid either way? Well the debate is wether he is an idealist who missed this, someone who let their ethics get tarnished 'cause rent needs to get paid, or an out n out bold faced bullshit artist. I seriously doubt its the third choice and hope for the first but expect the second.


Considering that I’ve never seen him chime in on any of the store threads and there have been plenty that are security/privacy related, I doubt it is that he missed this one in particular. As for the other possibilities, I regard him as a fiction writer first and foremost.

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