Save up to 75% on 5 top-rated Asus networking devices

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Ran my house off a pair of Asus wireless routers for years. I had them configured as a wireless bridge so that I could plug my living room media devices into the secondary via Ethernet, and also used their DDNS system for securely connecting to work. It took some work! But I was pretty happy with the setup.

I have an Eero now, management is trivial, the wireless repeaters are good enough I don’t have to worry about bridging for my Roku, and I have a different security solution for work (which is good, as Eero doesn’t support even third-party DDNS!). A lot more expensive, though.

I’ve had 3 of the routers in the list, and they’re all good, but just a reminder that the AC1900 they’re selling - really the only one that is modern enough to be worthy of consideration - is NOT UNLOCKED, contrary to the ad copy. It runs special T-Mobile firmware that is missing important features (like mesh integration, or the ability to run Merlin). It can be reprogrammed, but not easily. Otherwise, it would be one of the few genuine steals at the BB store.

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ASUS have added their “AIMesh” feature, which apparently makes it super easy to add extra wifi points. It’s included in Merlin’s firmware as well, which is something people should look at if they do get an Asus router/modem. It’s a modification of Asus’s open source firmware, which is stable, but usually a bit more cutting edge than the mainline firmware.

Literally just upgraded this week from a RT-AC66N to an AC86U, which was a nice bump in wifi range, and it also copes with our fast cable connection (the 66 would lock up and drop the wifi if we were downloading at more than about 25MB/s)

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