This Asus router is an industry favorite and could single-handedly fix your WiFi signal problems

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Well, I have one of these and it works pretty well. It’s weird to feel ok about BBShop post…


I’d go with “beginning of the fire sale.”

The new WiFi 6 protocol is beginning to roll out in consumer devices.

There isn’t anything wrong with this router, it just doesn’t support the latest “improvements” in WiFi technology, if that matters to you.

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Yeah, I’d actually have to agree with the BB store here, Asus make some pretty good routers. Plus, the firmware is open source, so you can easily change over to Merlin’s Asuswrt, which adds a lot of little fixes and useful features. Although some of the features it’s introduced have ended up being absorbed into the official firmware, which is good for everyone I say.

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As long as it is a standard one, and not the T-Mobile-branded one that had the firmware locked against this. The router in the BB shop is being sold “open box”, so the provenance is not guaranteed.

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