Roscosmos shares an odd video implying they may abandon the ISS program

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When I was around 10 years old, I had a nice brand new basketball (smaller than regulation size) that I would bring to school. At recess, several of us would play a game together using the ball. If I started losing, I would get upset and take my ball with me in a fit of misplaced emotional frustration so that nobody could play at all. What actually happened was that I projected my negative feelings onto everyone else and made their experience worse. Not sure why I thought of that just now… :face_with_monocle: :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


Isn’t the ISS commissioned to be de-orbited and burn up in the atmosphere soon? Telling someone your not going to pay the rent when you’ve already been given your eviction notice isn’t much of a threat.


10 years. It won’t be retired for about 10 more years.


The fact that it is specifically Van Heide they say goodbye to is perhaps more disturbing than the implied threat that they’d let the ISS deorbit. He is scheduled to return on Soyuz, so this compounds the threat with a strong suggestion that they wouldn’t take him down despite prior agreement to do so.

I sure hope NASA is figuring out how to open up a seat for him on one of the upcoming crew dragon flights. Even if Russia does let him come down on Soyuz, I doubt he or NASA want to participate in what seems like a growing propaganda campaign by Rogozin.


Things must be pretty awkward aboard the ISS these days.


There must be a strong temptation to quote Basil Fawltey’s: ‘Don’t mention the war’.


There’s a good explanation of the situation - and possible ways forward - over at Ars:


Elon can ride back home on the running board.


Cool, was looking for a spot to park the starship.


I confess, I did NOT have “Former NASA astronaut, now US Senator, gets into public Twitter slap-flight with head of Russian space program” on my 2022 Bingo card.

Best part was @StationCDRKelly delivering precision-calibrated insults in flawless Russian, while Rogozin, in return, was left blustering like a tongue-tied schoolboy in his usual fractured English.

But so sad, really. Rogozin, in sucking up to Putin, has effectively destroyed the future prospects of the Russian civil space program. No international partner will trust them going forward — and without int’l partners, they’re doomed.

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