Roses are Red, Foxes are Clever


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I think her heart grew three sizes that day


The ascent into click bait non-article marches forward steadily


Roses are red, boxers will fight
you joined 20 minutes ago, welcome to the site


I really wanted to pop in to see, but facebook and instagram make my javascript blockers light up like a missile radar warning console over Hanoi during the war.
ZombiesAteOurPenuszis her youtube collection
She is a flaming nut, I respect that.
It is hard to trust outwardly sane people.
(edit)So what is up with her eyes, more than lashes/makeup and maybe more than dilated contacts right?
Silicone vitreous humour implants?

Autoplaying gifs are the modern equivalent of blinking text and miditunes. Also, that gif will give me nightmares.


Ascent? Hardly, unless you mean like, into the stratosphere of airheadedness.

Here in the Gamelab
We condone neither poems,
Nor buttocks fondling.


If you could never again mention “buttocks fondling” while sporting that particular gravatar, I would be much obliged.

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Perchance you’d prefer if I talked of sploshing in a creek?

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I look forward to the day when the whole internet is

When I see posts like these I check for the poster and then think, “yup, Xeni’s smoking weed again…”


left side = non-article bloggy content
right side = article-ish bloggy content.

Jeebus man.

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