Rotary tool for a fraction of the price of a Dremel

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I would be willing to sell you this fine tool for 110/1 what I paid for it!


YMMV. From one of the reviews:

Biggest problem: the spindle was off center. I think it’s a problem with the seating of the collet. I think there is too much play between the collet and the socket. Thus, the bit rotates off center, no matter how much you tighten the collet. I tried all 3 collets and got the same result. I have returned the product and will buy a different brand.

(May not be the exact model, but it’s a WEN rotary tool. I don’t want to click BB’s referral link.)

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Wen did you buy it?


I have one of these and can report that it works great.

Thanks @frauenfelder! I bought one, attached it to a plank and made my own arrow cutting tool. With some carbon fibre shafts off alibaba I can now make my own arrows - to spec! - at about 1/10th of the retail price!

I go through about a half dozen arrows each hunting season (I guess I’m not a great shot?) so the cost savings adds up quickly.


Now folks, THAT’S a maker.

Wow man, cool thinking!


For a fraction of a second I thought you were mounting the rotary tool on the arrow. However that would be silly since it has a cord - you would need the cordless model for that.


From the cordless version :

Now, with the WEN Two-Speed Cordless Rotary Tool, you’ll have the same power and precision as other rotary tools without the hassle of the cord. Remove rust from rusty stuff. Trim your dog’s toenails. Engrave beautiful images into your neighbor’s windows while they’re vacationing in Rome. With the WEN Rotary Tool the possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination and federal law.

Not sure if creepy or covering their bases?


Had to upgrade the cutting disk to a Dremmel branded “reinforced” cutting disk (made for cutting metal) as the disks that shipped with this off-brand unit continued to break. Just made up another half dozen carbon fibre arrows this weekend for the upcoming spring turkey hunting season here in SW Ontario.

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Good to know. I’m tempted to buy these deals just to get a whole bunch of attachments for my Dremel, but if they’re sub-par then forget it.

The standard cutting wheels even Dremel provides are junk. They work but only if you have hands of stone that don’t twitch an ounce.

I pretty much used the fiberglass reinforced wheels for everything myself. Hell you can even sculpt steel with them if you’re careful.

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