Roy Wood Jr. defuses bomb requiring definition of "woke"

Instead of agreeing on intent we’re arguing semantics amongst one another.

Most of us commenting in good faith are not focusing on the right’s feigned ignorance of meaning and/or semantics; we fully see the chicanery for what it is.

That said, I agree with Duke:

“But they kinda have a point!” is not a reassuring statement …


I’m not disagreeing with that. I don’t think anybody here is.

My point is that “woke is a phantom issue” as the user stated didn’t mean that there is no such thing or that the word should be redefined.

I read it as “woke, as conservative blowhards use the word, is a blanket term used against anybody trying to stand up for the rights of oppressed people”.

My concern here is that instead of seeking some understanding, assumptions and criticisms were made about the intent of the poster.

Heck, I’ll let them explain themselves.

Might be wise.


I’m definitely not arguing semantics. I’m pointing out that seeming alignment is not always the best way to be an ally. It can be the opposite if it’s “helping” that is carrying the baggage of White supremacy.

Their very next sentence belies that, though!


So is this where I post links to good Roy Wood Jr. bits?

[reads the rest of this thread]

Guess not!


But how Republican propagandists generated this lie is darkly interesting. Talking Points Memo founder Josh Marshall decided to dig around into where this number was coming from. Watters and other right-wing propaganda outlets pointed to the Claremont Institute, a right-wing think tank that’s gone pure MAGA in the past few years. The group put together a database of corporate charities that they claim exposes “who funded the BLM riots.” That dubious $74 million number comes from this supposed database. Marshall discovered, however, that in order to gin up this fake data, Claremont reclassified basically any charity you can think of as “BLM Movement & Related Causes.”

The link contains numerous examples, like

How about Abbott Labs, the folks who make the swabs you put up your nose to see if you have COVID. Claremont says they gave $25 million to “BLM.” What’s the document say? They pledged $25 million to a joint project with the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) to “provide diverse small businesses with the tailored growth capital, loans and support they need to compete, grow and create jobs.” The LISC was founded in 1979 and according to its site has “invested $24 billion to create more than 436,320 affordable homes and apartments and develop 74.4 million square feet of retail, community and educational space.” A number of other companies in the database also gave to LISC for various projects. But again, it seems adjacent to Black people, so that’s “BLM.”


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