Royal Brunei Airlines' first women flight crew lands in Saudi Arabia, forbidden to drive there

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There must has been plenty of women pilots to land there though.
What makes this notable? Is it 'cause their heads are covered?

If you read the article you will see why it is notable.


I did, I still don’t get it. Sorry.
No women are allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia, amiright?
Yet there are women pilots from much of the world who I would think had landed there. They would be arrested for driving too, if caught, right?
Nope, I still don’t get it.

Do US service personnel get arrested, I wonder?

I guess because Brunei is also a Muslim Monarchy and yet allows women to fly planes and drive, highlighting the absurdity of Saudi Arabia’s laws.


Um, OK, thanks.

Taxiing doesn’t count as driving?

Also that is a very impractical place to put cupholders.

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Very thoughtful of Boeing to provide a place for mugs when flying inverted.


The author of that story is sort of ripping me off. Here was my take on the same story, several weeks ago…

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