"Royal racists": King Charles and Princess of Wales named in Dutch edition of blockbuster book about the family's troubles

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The entire premise underlying the concept of “royalty” is that some people are inherently better (or at least better fit to lead a society) by virtue of their ancestry.

So basically the same idea behind all racism.


Looking at the current royals, a little hybrid vigour would not go amiss.


This is my shocked face

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It’s not like the royals have a history of insisting on everyone having a conversation over concerns about all those cousins marrying each-other. But marrying a person of colour? Sound the alarms!

Also, this would demonstrate a stunning (but not entirely surprising) lack of self-awareness on Kate’s part. It wasn’t that long ago that a similar meeting would have been called if a “commoner” like her tried to marry into this rotten family.


The genetic status of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (part 1)


By Carol Beuchat PhD

In an earlier post, I noted that the level of inbreeding in Cavaliers is roughly 40%, as reported in two independent studies.”

It looks like a standard of the breed.


And then there’s King Charles II the Spaniard.


YEP!! @gracchus got here before me.

Something the Habsburg family line failed to consider.


Yes. Their looks here and there may not be to everyone’s taste, but the problem has to do with their upbringing.


Smbc Royalty


It gets even more intriguing:

Although the blame was initially placed on the translation process, a comparison of the English and Dutch text doesn’t suggest it’s about getting some of the phrases or vocabulary mixed up.

The line identifying the member of the Royal Family isn’t in the English text, so it hasn’t been mistranslated. It seems to have been added.

And an updated message from the publisher now talks of an “error”, without mentioning translations, if that has any significance.

The next thought might be that this was part of a draft or a previous edit that had been taken out of other language versions, but had mistakenly not been updated in the Dutch version.

But the author Omid Scobie, speaking on Dutch television on Tuesday, made it clear that any version he had produced had never named names. So that would rule out this having been a draft or remnant of some previous editing that had not been removed.

“There’s never been a version that I’ve produced that has names in it,” the author told the RTL Boulevard show.

“The book’s available in a number of languages and unfortunately I can’t speak Dutch, so I haven’t seen the copy for myself, so if there have been any translation errors I’m sure the publisher’s got it under control,” said Mr Scobie.

Curiouser and curiouser said Alice…


Ah, kiss me baby with your Hapsburg lip
Make me nervous
(No God and no masters)

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Charles III is related to both Charles II of Spain, and the Habsburgs of course, as practically all the remaining royal families of Europe are.
Good luck working out exactly how though:

Looks like the UK press has collectively decided not to print the actual names, or possibly there’s already a super-injunction.


The “royal racists” should review that chart (if comprehensive and accurate) and think on their history.

(excerpt) [Queen Charlotte’s] lineage would mean that her granddaughter, Queen Victoria, would have had black heritage and that Victoria’s future descendants would have as well.


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