Rugged drone airframe


But the blades are completely unprotected? Aren’t they the first part that gets damaged on those quad-copters?

Blades are (pretty much) expendable/consumable. At a dollar or two a pop, if a blade gets stressed or broken, you just put on a new one.

There are two schools of thought here: one is that the frame is rugged and indestructable, and that it should take a lot of punishment. That’s the school of thought that this kickstarter is going down, and it looks really interesting (and like it should work just fine!)

The other school of thought is that the airframe, just like the props, is the “easy” part – it should be lightweight and sacrificial. Break a cheap wooden boom? New cheap wooden boom and some wire ties == back up and flying in a few minutes. With this approach, all the less-easily replaceable bits, like the motors and electronics, are attached in such a way that they can break off and bounce without getting permanently damaged. That’s the theory, anyhow!

Disclaimer: I’m still working on building my FIRST quad, so I’m not the voice of experience here.

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Looks like a generic indoor (nerfesque) boomerang.

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I don’t imagine that name will stick around too long.

Don’t you hate industry planned obsolesces? I know I do.
After years of abusing our multi rotors we found broken airframes an annoying expense. It is just flat out more fun to fly than it is to fix. The team of Game of Drones is pretty sure all the other flyers feel the same way so our Action Sport AirFrame is the answer to that problem. However, now we find crashing to be more fun than landing and with us it’s all about keeping the fun of flight alive.

AirFrame Stress Test

So is any remote controlled plane or helicopter now considered a drone? Now all the R/C nerds get some street cred after all these years.

Needs more pool noodles!

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Look up the technology, DIYDrones for example. RC is only an optional and fun way to fly that will never fade away. However our drones are fully programable and autonomous. 21st century tools!

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