Rules for surviving an autocracy


If we are making wishes for his next career move I want him to move south and remove a Republican seat from congress.


Works for me.


Now if Hillary ate crow and became a social activist in the states she lost by ignoring, that would be amazing. Unfortunately, Hillary will likely focus on her charitable work and be criticized for it and Obama will probably take an extended break from the action.


We could just do the hard work ourselves.


I sure as hell can’t, I’m a Texan being called a east coast liberal or shill on other sites I go. I don’t have time, money, or desire to try and convince anyone outside my area to go vote and while I’m willing to be patient online it is still just online communication.


Is there something you can do locally? Even volunteer or donate?


Mock them, ridicule them, call Him and his crownies out on their bullshit, call out that emperor isn´t wearing clothes, undermine their false authority. Find ways to work their own instruments of rule and oppression against them, use their own arrogance, hubris and stupidity against them. Work tirelessly and never give up. Winning against Him isn´t just blowing up the death star and credits, its chiseling away the foundation piece by tiny piece. There will be only tiny victories if any at all at first, but, the more their rule is eroding the bigger your victories will get. Network with likeminded people around the nation and abroad.
Remember, all autocracys will fall sooner or later.


Locally is not Michigan which is what I was referencing. It’s a fantasy where the mighty Clinton chooses to roll back the clock and get involved with the working class again and uses her resources to make up for the abuses she fostered.

Obama going back to community organization is a bit of a fantasy as well, he isn’t the same guy and his family misses him.

I’m going to get engaged after this season though, it’s been a very personal experience and I can just educate myself and vote anymore.


He has too many kids to manage that approach safely.


I feel better now. I can now believe that everything will be huge, great and the best I’ve ever seen!



I think that was sarcasm.


I was in a debate with someone earlier today and I kept throwing around the term demagogue to describe Trump. He finally admitted to me that he had no idea what that word meant.

It’s pretty eye-opening just to read the Wiki page on the term and see the eerie similarities to Trump’s campaign.

A poignant excerpt courtesy of James Fenimore Cooper’s “On Demagogues”:

What distinguishes a demagogue is how he or she gains or holds democratic power: by exciting the passions of the lower classes and less-educated people in a democracy toward rash or violent action, breaking established democratic institutions such as the rule of law. James Fenimore Cooper in 1838 identified four fundamental characteristics of demagogues:

  1. They fashion themselves as a man or woman of the common people, as opposed to the elites.
  2. Their politics depends on a visceral connection with the people which greatly exceeds ordinary political popularity.
  3. They manipulate this connection, and the raging popularity it affords, for their own benefit and ambition.
  4. They threaten or outright break established rules of conduct, institutions, and even the law.

The central feature of the practice of demagoguery is persuasion by means of passion, shutting down reasoned deliberation and consideration of alternatives. Demagogues "pander to passion, prejudice, bigotry, and ignorance, rather than reason


I wasn’t sure… Hence the somewhat ambiguous gif, asking “really?”


I understand all this, but I would like to comment on points 2 and 3.

While I must admit (while vomiting sadly) that Trump is very popular, let’s not forget that he got fewer votes than Mitt Romney. And we don’t hold Romney up as some kind of preternaturally popular candidate.


We don’t want to be biased and play favorites!


Is that supposed to be evidence of anything? It shows how little resistance was and will be offered.



Further complicated by the almost certainty that Trump himself doesn’t know what his policy position is on a great many of these issues.

Eg, punishing the woman for getting an abortion. He just said it because it “felt” right. He hadn’t considered it before. He hadn’t been briefed on it. He guessed. (Trump’s Brain: “Right? If abortion is wrong – you guys told me it is wrong, unbelievably wrong— and a woman gets an abortion, wouldn’t she face a criminal penalty?”) Then, hastily retreated when he realized (or was informed) what a third rail he’d just stepped onto.


What a fascinating game. I shan’t read any further, my ebay bid is locked in.