Amnesty International warns that Trump's hatemongering sets "a dangerous precedent for other governments to follow."


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Nope, not even AI’s trolling is gonna convince me he’s a leader




Every time I see him talking with that hateful, seething scowl and his little white supremacist hand gesture bobbing up and down… I want to hit something. I long to be on the far side of this low point in history, reading about how everyone came to their senses and flushed out the obvious toxin. Some days I believe we’ll get there. Some days I wonder if we’re done.


409 pages. 14 down. 395 to go. This may take a day or two.


This was pretty obvious, right away, as various dictators and authoritarians (and would-be authoritarians) immediately started aping Trump’s rhetoric after the election. I’m not sure how much was “well, obviously that’s a winning strategy!” and how much was due to trying to win over Trump (imitation as flattery), or both.

Most days I no longer believe that, now. Most days I fear the worst is still ahead of us. Either Trump will break things on his way out (even worse than he already is), the Republicans will work to keep him (and themselves) in power, or an actual smart fascist will look at Trump’s example and emulate it - but without being totally incompetent and fucking himself at every opportunity, and he’ll be much, much harder to deal with. Best case scenario, America is done with a lot of things we’ve taken for granted.


I think it’s more would-be dictators taking advantage of someone else shifting the Overton Window without them having to do it themselves.


Yeah, but it’s odd they started using some of his exact phrases, though.


He doesn’t care, they don’t care. I think Republicans see these kinds of things as a badge of honor. Shitty, selfish, etc etc. They literally attempt to rape the world with their day-to-day BS, and not only don’t think twice about it, but blame other people who try to get in their way. So yeah, people should be alarmed that the leader of the free world is the biggest asshole on the planet.


OTOH, America’s clearly a failed state acting no different from ever other failed state other. Truly advanced states recognize that, surely, and proceed accordingly.


It’s worse than Trump setting a precedent – he’s set a major bad example for the idea of democracy. Whenever a nation (China, for instance) wants to insist that too much democracy leads to instability and poor leaders, it only has to point out Donald “Der Gropenfuhrer” Trump and his obstructionist Republican Congress.


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