20-point guide to defending democracy under a Trump presidency

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I think that’s the writing on the wall, here. The next terrorist attack for whatever reason they can surreptitiously pin on Democrats and start arresting them will be the catalyst towards the unopposed page 1 rewrite of the Constitution and the permanent end of liberal democracy in the United States. Trump did state he wanted to arrest prominent Democrats during his campaign. I have no reason to doubt him.


I’m now totally freaked out about Point 17.
With the propensity of Trump supporting gun nuts and the recent FBI investigation of white supremacists in law enforcement, that is fully upon us.


Consider using alternative forms of the internet, or simply using it less. Have personal exchanges in person.

This could work:

And for group chat:

Might need a longer piece of string, though.


Would this mean something like TOR? Or does using TOR immediately raise a red flag?

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Watch out in your own back yard:

A current petition circulating in response to draconian Republican bill in the state of Virginia.;

"I oppose Virginia House Bill 2001, which will require administrators
and professors in state institutions of higher education to “cooperate"
with federal immigration enforcement authorities, which suggests that
such educators may be asked to identify students for possible
deportation. Educators should not perform a police function as it will
destroy trust between teacher and student and will undermine the
educational system”


using Tor is not loved by agencies. but if enough use the Tor Browser regularly (i.e. for complete mundane daily surfing) it is much harder to track down everyone.

forgot to add this: Tor traffic itself looks more or less like a generic TLS stream and is not easily detectable, but, as China and Iran are showing, it can be done. one layer more of protection/anonymity is to use bridges with different transport types hiding the traffic between the Tor browser and the entry node



Interesting to see that picture of the Reichstag fire juxtaposed in my morning feed with pictures of the flames at the Berkeley riots. Then there were the flames at the inauguration and the flames outside Trump election rallies. It don’t recall images of Trump supporters setting anything on fire, or beating opponent’s supporters.

I would agree that Trump has a strong authoritarian impulse and his language is scary, but when it comes to actually bashing heads for harboring heterodox views, nobody beats (ahem) the lefties.

That’s because you are speaking ahistorically, I suspect from a place of fear mingled with ignorance.


On the one hand this all seems like the left indulging in the same apocalyptic ranting the right has been doing right up until the minute aobama left office (I demanded apologies from family for their bleating Obama would claim emergency power to not leave office. They did not oblidge.)

On the other Trump actually has demonstrated being the sort of person that would have a Nixon-esque enemies list. So having some kind of something in place for if things do get bad wouldn’t be too unthinkable.



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