Rules for undercover cops, UK edition


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If a UCO engages in unauthorised sexual activity for whatever reason this activity will be restricted to the minimum conduct necessary to mitigate the threat.

In short: Sexual intercourse is not allowed, except the cop really really wants it.


Better not show this to the FBI, or their supply of “terrorism” convictions will dry up.


Is this bureaucratic-speak for “just the tip?”


If a UCO engages in unauthorised sexual activity for whatever reason (for example, they perceive an immediate threat to themselves and/or others if they do not do so)

Is this something that really happens in the world? “Fuck that hooker or I’ll kill this puppy!”


I think it’s more “…or we’ll know you’re a cop.”


Funny how that word “if” works.



Luckily, in the US, our forefathers had the prescience to address that issue…


If you write something down and make it policy then when someone asks if you do such things you can look them straight in the eye and say firmly and with total honesty that it is absolutely against policy to do so.

Regardless of whether you are actually doing it or not.


How is it that the officers involved, or the state on their behalf, are not required to pay child support for the children they have sired? Their names should be a matter of public record, so that those children, once grown can contact them and have a chat with “Dad” about the circumstances of their conception. Do any of the officers have wives and children of their own? Will those children get to meet their half-siblings at festive “family reunions”? This is a “What were they thinking?!” of the highest order.




What the fuck???

I mean - what the actual fuck?

Putting aside the questionable tactic of infiltration to begin with:

  1. Why didn’t the cops us condoms?

  2. Who pays child support not? The cops? The police Department/tax payer? It should be the cops.


Nope. Not the cops (for the one example I could find).


I thought this guy did, but seems not:

This one did:


Good thing the EU will be no longer involved in UK matters. Those Europeans with their pesky human rights won’t bother the sovereign government of the UK any longer …


Sometimes I feel like we are creating “criminals” to keep our enormous policing apparatus feeling useful…


Or profitable :frowning:


Did anyone get fired?

I won’t ask about jail. Cops never go to jail for anything.


Note it’s the pirate code thing, not so much laws, as guide lines. So the penalty for rape and impregnation by the state, ‘er’, basically naughty, naughty and the other citizens of the state will pay the little message left behind, as for that little messenger, it seems the response from the state is, ‘meh’.


They did consider bringing rape charges against the officers involved, but didn’t think they’d get convictions so they were dropped. Lying about your name and job in order to get laid is not against the law in the UK.