Rumors swirl around next week's PlayStation showcase

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Bloodborne is an absolutely amazing game, i would love a remaster or sequel. I’ve also heard that there’s rumors of a PSP type thing that might be in the works, as someone that had a PSP i hope it’s true. The handheld had a ton of promise and was bummed that it failed to find a market.

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I don’t know that 80M sold is “failed to find a market”. That puts it at GBA level.

They did screw up the Vita, it only sold a fraction of that.

The original PSP never really drew me in because the majority of the games for it were dubious ports, but i got a Vita and thought it was a really great handheld that had a lot of potential. I hope that a follow up is able to find its legs if true

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The Vita is a really nice piece of hardware, I would like to see an updated version, now that the Switch and the Steam Deck have revitalized the handheld market.

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