Sony is killing production of physical PS Vita games in 2019

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There’s a typo here:

“According to Kotaku, the production of PlayStation Vita game cards will soon be upon us.”

Does it really matter if cards aren’t produced any longer? Granted my Gen 1 Vita has been in a drawer for a few years.

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Meh! Vita had great promise, especially as a traveler.

The cross-play was lacking. It was better than the PSP for having just watered down versions of console games, but still. Required an extra device to play those games on a TV.

An absolute mint to the company who manages to get a mobile console right. Nintendo is close! If Microsoft came out with a mobile Xbox 360 with a Switch-like form factor… Heck, if Sony did it for a PS3… Or if Nintendo got their online service to work well, with some great PVE coop games…

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They still make the PS Vita??? Who is buying this?


Indie developers loved the Vita; they’ve probably moved on to the Switch by how, but for a long time it was their platform of choice. A few boutique shops like Limited Run Games were still making physical editions of their otherwise digital-only Vita games in small quantities.

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I wasn’t aware they were still making Vita units at all. I wouldn’t mind picking one of these up if it ever wound up on rock-bottom clearance. I’ve noticed that all the accessories, including internal memory storage cards, are apparently all expensive and proprietary. Is it as easily jailbroken as the PSP?

There are good jailbreaks and memory card adapters that go with the jailbreak, but it is still highly Vita firmware version specific (As of this post firmware version 3.60.) And Sony is still actively updating the firmware version to stop these jailbreaks. So it still runs a fair bricking risk or if you’ve got a recently updated PSVita, it just won’t work.

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