PlayStation 5 jailbroken

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Let the jailbreak/system update arms race begin!


It’s worth it even just so PT Demo can see the light of day again. That is a stunning piece of work, and I don’t even like horror. I think I played through it three times just to marvel at it (then couldn’t sleep for two days :joy:)

This is true for everything except the PlayStation line from 2 onwards, Sony notoriously went in a very different direction architecturally, leaning hard into microcode-programmable vector units, weird DMA busses, and other black art that hardware engineers have naughty dreams about. It’s very interesting and clever, but holy cow is it difficult to port stuff to it. That was my job for a couple of years (during PS2 and PS3) and I still have nightmares about debugging some of that real-time vector code.

Nintendo stuff and Xbox stuff is all pretty much just PC hardware in pretty plastic with twelve layers of DRM slathered all over it.

This PS5 jailbreak is notable for being software only! Usually software jailbreaks of consoles come very late in their life or not at all. These companies are very good at locking these systems down from the top of the software stack all the way down to the silicon. Of course, the more complex they get, the harder that gets, so maybe the era of mod chips is behind us.


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