Run, a new series about life in working class London


I think something very bad happened to the headline.

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Steaming? So it’s transmitted through copper pipes?

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I came straight to the BBS link, and saw “Run, a new series on Hulu about boing boing”

I had one of those moments of elation that is even more precious because it was crushed so fast.


Also, while I haven’t tried Run, I’ve really been enjoying Quick Draw, another Hulu original. It’s a half hour western comedy that is, to a decent extent, improvised. I’m falling in love with the concept, and really enjoying the execution.

new as in it aired in England and now it’s airing on Hulu. Not exactly only on Hulu. More like exclusively on Hulu after it aired somewhere else.

Hasn’t Hulu just bought this series from Channel 4 in the UK? It was on terrestrial TV here last month…

Fixed it.

Hulu, it’s about steaming. Run.

Keep up.

Except that its also on 4OD.

(Either way I think we’re still pooping on Marks party)

I watched and really enjoyed Rev, and loved Olivia Colman in it. She was really fantastic, so just on that I’ll check this out.

Seen it already. Olivia Colman is great as usual, but she is only in the first episode.

Was also a good reminder to me why I don’t live in London anymore. Anus Mundi. It really is as shitty as it is portrayed in this series.

Speaking of, anyone else catch Moone Boys on Hulu? Seriously adorable and a lot of fun,

House of Cards is original? You might think that, I couldn’t possibly comment.

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I’ve decided i like her in everything. Peep show. doctor who. Broad church. She’s just great.

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And, real life in the USA is just as grand as well…

DENVER - Federal housing officials are condemning a decision by the
Denver Housing Authority to evict the relatives of a mother killed by
a rampaging gunman three days after her slaying, saying there is room
for compassion in federal law.

Housing and Urban Development spokesman Jerry Brown said Tuesday his
agency hopes Denver will reconsider after the victim’s mother and
autistic son were locked out. The personal property of 47-year-old
Sandra Roskilly was also seized and turned over to a public

Doris Kessler, 70, had less than 6 hours notice to vacate that house
on the 2200 block of South Irving, the scene of a standoff with Denver
police on Friday.

The Denver Housing Authority said it was forced to evict Kessler under
federal law because Roskilly was the head of the household.

Roskilly’s brother Dennis Campbell says his sister barely scraped by,
living in public housing on a fixed income.

“She was disabled,” Campbell said. “So I mean the house was

She lived in the house for almost 20 years, the last decade with her

Olivia is SUCH an amazing actress…comedy and drama…so sensitive…

Netflix isn’t the only steaming service offering original TV

Not exactly original since it was a Channel 4 UK show, nevertheless a really well done miniseries. Katie Leung of Harry Potter fame and Lennie James also deliver very good performances.

My personal favorite Channel 4 show is Utopia. Very dark, violent, beautifully shot and a great story.

Sorry to nitpick but she was in another episode.

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