Running over protesters on roadways could soon be legal in North Dakota

If the filthy Ped wanted to stay alive, she should have been driving a car herself.

At the Sunnyside Crematorium, to which the bodies of Phipps and Horvy had been conveyed, an equally impassioned and rather more grammatical orator reminded his listeners of the legendary justice of old Chicago, where pedestrians were forbidden to carry small arms and anyone with one foot off the sidewalk was fair prey. He broadly hinted that a holocaust, primed if necessary with a few tankfuls of gasoline, was the only cure for the Slums.


In the first part they say “negligently”, and in the second they say “unintentionally”. there does not seem to be any scheduled further action on the bill, so it was likely done to make a statement to Rep. Kempenich’s constituents. He is an oil guy 100%

Shouldn’t mean you can be killed for it.


Seriously? I don’t think people are shrugging their shoulders and letting people off for that.

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Effing Libpeds! AMIRITE?!?


Nice to know they looked at the Nice and Berlin truck attacks and thought “we should make that legal!”

Parades, construction workers, etc… all legally and intentionally obstruct the road, no exemptions for that.


Not just intent, but competence.

“Good afternoon sir, do you know why I pulled you over today?”
“No officer - do I have a tail light out or something?”
“No, it’s not that. Three miles ago you ran over a group of people on the road, killing three of them.”
“Really? Is that so? I had no idea. You know, officer, I really have no clue how this thing works, and can barely see over the dash.”
“Are you saying you’re not competent to drive this vehicle?”
“Yes, officer, I suppose I am”
“Oh, in that case, you’re free to go.”
“Thank you officer. Say, could you tell me which side of the road I’m supposed to be on again?”


In practice this law will only apply to Conservatives running over Liberals. Tea Party protests will have no such worries.


when you’ve included three suppositions you’ve veered badly into pretense. No thank you.


I can hardly wait to see which other states follow with similar making-a-statement legislation. “Claim-your-road” car-freedom laws seem like a minor extension of stand-your-ground gun-freedom equivalents, and I imagine they will prove equally popular.


“may not be held liable for any damages” refers only to a civil suit. You have to move on to the second section of the bill to find “is not guilty of an offense” which precludes criminal prosecution.


Don’t forget the person injured by being struck by a previous driver - it’s OK to kill them too.


Really should pull themselves up by their own mudflaps.


“Intent”? I honestly expected those peds to get out of the way when I sped up. I mean, I even revved the engine so they could hear me coming.

a driver of a motor vehicle who negligently causes injury or death … may not be held liable for any damages

My eyes were closed. How much more negligent could I be?


Serious question: If this law is passed will it be struck down by the Supreme Court? I mean surely it’s interfering with the 14th 5th amendment - right to life - which you’ve all got under the Constitution?

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5th Amendment right to life except after due process of law. A driver isn’t an agent of the state and their negligence can’t be considered a legal act in the taking of a life.


Finally! A use for all those animatronic, explosive, concrete, protester-mannequins that have been cluttering up my garage.


Why not shoot them from within your car? Doesn’t dent your SUV and allows you to live out your fantasy with your new $x00 Glock.


North Dakota sure has some quality human beings introducing bills. These folks fit right in with Hitler and Stalin. Kill someone and get a reward in ND.