Russia blocks Google & Amazon IP addresses, saying they're used by Telegram app Putin just banned


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At this moment 41% of Amazon’s network space is blacklisted…
12.6 out of 30.9 million IP addresses…
Additionally, ~4 million Google Cloud IP addresses are also blacklisted… I don’t know how many there are total…

A lot of sites and services don’t work now… Except Telegram… Telegram still works fine even without VPN…



This particular story is non-Trump-related. Don’t make the troll any more important than he already is.

Also, it’s getting to the point where you can’t ban just one simple thing without banning the whole internet. What the internet needs is radical simplification, overseen by a benevolent monitor who can ensure web services don’t interact with one another too much. Geocities was good enough for me, it’s good enough for the rest of you.


Are you applying for the job?



O hell no, the Federal Reserve couldn’t pay me enough.




Do the Russians have some sort of folksy saying about bludgeoning small burrowing mammals? Because this seems like a good time for them to get one.


Russia invented moles!


Twitch streams now only work through VPN…

Meanwhile, the head of Roskomnadzor said in an interview today that “none of the legitimate websites has been affected by the ban of 16 million IP addresses”…


And on a positive note:


RKN started adding whole Digital Ocean subnets one by one… and


no i think that was Mexicans


I’m going to buy a can of gasoline and go to Moscow, and try to commit suicide by immolation or suicide by security intervention in the Roskomnadzor’s office…


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