Russia can’t use name, flag, anthem at next 2 Olympics

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A very weird punishment.
When you see the team from Upton Snodsbury next Olympics, you’ll know the code…


Good. This is near the top of the list of things that Putin and his ultra-nationalist supporters hate.


Maybe they have the older flags somewhere and reuse them, and use the old name, and Katyusha it’s a perfectly fine hymn.


gonna get a RUSSIA NEUTRAL ATHLETE shirt the minute they appear


Nice, I guess we are back in 1980 Russian Olympic boycott all over again.

great give putin an excuse to start branding his name like trump does… Team Putin has been training especially hard at Moscow’s Putin tower Athletic Faculty and Will Continue to train hard throughout the events’ at new state of the art Facilities located right inside the Putin Hotel in Tokyo. interestingly enough this year since at least one of the Olympians’ family members have tested positive for novichok they are equally applying themselves to learning a new anthem “he is the grand puppeteer frumpa rump rump, frumpa rump rump”

I would just die laughing if they showed up wearing shirts with Putin’s face on it.

God yes.
Great acronym.
Great chant.
Not only scientific but double-fuckin-hard.
And to think I wasted all these years supporting West Ham.
I’m such a loser.

and MRGA hats

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But you’ll always have the bubbles - there’s that at least. :wink:

The return of the Soviet Union?

Get the cap too, although it will look identical to MAGA caps.

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Will they have to fly an Aeroplane over the Sea to get there?

West Ham

<cockney>Did you see that ludicrous display last night?</cockney>


We’ll always have the bubbles…
Appropriately at this Xmas time.
Bubble me up, buttercup.

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To be fair, no.
Not watched the footie since 1982.
Was a teenage thing for me.
Unless you is taking the piss in ways I have not yet met?
In which case, kudos…

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I am somehow not surprised that “cheating at sports” is a bigger deal than “rounding up gay people.” Not surprised at all.

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<cockney>The thing about Arsenal is they always try an’ walk it in</cockney>

Ok I’m done. Sorry everybody!


It is not good news for world sport, Putin will be treating the reduction as a vindication.