Russians lose Olympic gold to U.S. over doped figure skater at 2022 games

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That’s a damn shame.

They should make an all-drug Olympics. Russia would have some stiff competition then.


Drugs are bad, mmmkay?


I don’t get it.

No matter how much dope I smoke I still can’t skate for shit.


The coach and sports establishment are indeed at fault, extensions of a political system for which corruption and cheating are core values. They found a more-than-willing accomplice in the rotten IOC.


I mean, hurrah for the US skaters to be vindicated, but they didn’t get to be on the right spot on the podium and figure skating gold is something you can exploit for some real money in the wake of the Olympics and that window’s long closed.


It’s Olympics year again this year, so we can look forward to a whole new raft of drugs cases in Paris.

And thanks to the IOC’s insistence that the Olympics are something more than a steroidal school sports day wrapped in a marketing opportunity, world cheating champions, Russian athletes will still be allowed to take part.


So few children today are exposed to IOC Lawyering, monster coaches, villainous state hedging, and WADA [decorative?] stuff they need to nuke it from orbit, to be certain or otherwise participate. Well, looks like I have fortunes to write and fortune cookies to bake and distribute…via…erm…(well presumably the Texas/Kanorado/Calioceania Childhood Anti-Defamation It Could Be A Kabbala Thing League, or something?)

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I’ve long been horrified by russia’s drugging all of its athletes, including children! and that essentially nothing’s been done about it.

There are woefully little consequences for drugged athletes in any sport, and the PTB of baseball keep considering making well-known steroids users eligible for hall of fame voting!

Still, can’t help thinking of this again:


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