Russia’s top diplomat looking to bestow special heroic rank upon Elon “Pedo Guy” Musk

At this point does the Kremlin even have enough credibility to award anything other than The Grand Order of the Currently Useful outside of posthumous decoration cases?

It’s not like Musk is at any real risk of tripping on his windowsill and hitting his head on a bullet twice on the way down; but you really have to let your ego blunt your basic pattern recognition to not see the risibly obvious connection between your current utility and your current spike in popularity.


Wrong super popular American Nazi, that’s Ford receiving the Grand Cross of the German Eagle in Detroit. If you want the Lindbergh and Goering image it is below.

edit - Oops missed the other image upthread.


Uh, the picture you just posted is the exact same one, albeit cropped, that he was asking about, so he was correct.


Unless it is showing different pictures to us, they aren’t the same. Lindbergh received his German Eagle in Germany in October of 38. Ford got his in July in Dearborn, Michigan.

Both pictures appear in this thread. I think that @ChuckV was commenting on @gracchus’s photo at the top of the thread. How weird it is to see someone smoking while awarding a medal.


Luck Fingers Crossed GIF by The Great Pottery Throw Down


Someone should inform Elon how the Munich Agreement worked out.

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ETA: Musk wants Taiwan to have the status China wants it to have.


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