Russian gearheads make the quietest car exhaust using 9 mufflers

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That is the most Russian thing I’ve seen all week!


Mufflers don’t “dampen” anything. They reduce sound energy at their outlets, through destructive interference and impedance mismatches. If you’re talking vibration, then you can talk about damping, not dampening. For instance, the rubber isolators at the back of the car are damping the vibration of that whole muffler assembly, so it doesn’t bang against the roof. Talk to me all you want about changing language, but this is my field, and I demand accuracy. Unless you’re driving through a puddle, nothing about the exhaust is being dampened.

This whole thing is futile anyway, as the guy points out. The exhaust may be the loudest noise source on a powertrain, but it’s hardly the only one. And even if the tailpipes are silent, sound energy from combusting gases is being transmitted through the sides of every square inch of exhaust pipe and muffler casing on the car. You’d have to enclose the whole car, top, bottom, and sides, in some massive material to block that noise. I’m actually amazed the engine is running with (I assume, not an exhaust tech) a crapton of back pressure on it from all those mufflers. Ian Malcolm, could, should, etc.


This thing reminds me of a super weird Nixon / EPA themed episode of The Beverly Hillbillies. I think it was a PR stunt to raise awareness of emission standards by the gov? Anyway - the son comes to the banker saying that he created a device that clamps onto a car and turns emissions from a dirty hanky, to an example of a clean one. Of course when they go out to check out this device - it’s a tangle of pipes bigger than the car.

Meanwhile in Texas a small noisy douchebag fraction of the population illegally have their mufflers removed.

it’s a sort of cover up

A welcome change from the vast horde of noise-makers who pare their exhaust systems off inch by inch in an effort to make themselves more annoying. How about a muffler system for loud radios too…

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The whole engine isn’t pushing through 9 mufflers in series - each of the 4 cylinders goes through 2 mufflers (so, 1/4 or less of the flow that muffler was likely designed to handle) and then they all feed through 1 really big muffler that looks like it’s designed to go with a much larger and higher-flow engine.

The back pressure on the engine probably is less not more than it would be if the whole thing were trying to push exhaust through one regular muffler.

And you’re totally right about the engine noise - he talks about how the absence of exhaust noise makes it really easy to hear how rattly the engine itself is.

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