Russian Siri refuses gay searches

From BBC News

When a Russian speaker tried to chat to Apple’s virtual assistant Siri about gay clubs, he got an unusual
response - which Apple maintains was due to a bug.

A video posted earlier this week showing a conversation in Russian between Siri and a man who identifies himself as Alex has now been widely shared on YouTube and Reddit. Here’s a translation:

Alex: "Siri, gay clubs around me?
Siri: “I would have turned red (blushed) if I could.”
Alex: “How to register a gay marriage in the UK?”
Siri: [Silence]
Alex: “How to register a gay marriage in the UK?”
Siri: “I will pretend I haven’t heard it.”

You get the idea.

Talk about a PR gaffe. Honestly, I can’t blame Apple for being a spineless pile of rapacious shit, willing to bend over backwards to please bigots and thugs just to make a buck in Russia.

I mean, if they didn’t they might have slightly less than $700billion, and that makes the shareholders unhappy.


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