Siri embarrasses a woman by sending a text to her crush


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On the list of irritating cruft that must be shut off after each iOS update, Siri is highest.


“Smart”…? Siri is dumb as a rock; stop attempting to elevate elaborate ELIZAbots to sentience, please.


Eh, this works out in her favor ultimately. It’s better to just say something if you are crushing on someone. Either it’s reciprocated, or you can move that crush energy somewhere more productive.


The Bene Gesserit has a lot of work to do between now at the late 102nd century and they can’t just rely on generations of Shadchans to make this happen.


“Siri, should I be concerned that I might have given Kevin genital warts? NO DON’T TELL KEVIN OH JESUS”


Nothing to be ashamed of, some relationships get bumpy…


There’s always the chance that 30 years later they’ll be telling their kids the funny story of how they got hooked up. :rofl:


Siri, tell grant that I-might-like-him-if-he-likes-me-so-does-he-like-me?


best option: never update


when will they make a good Dune adaptation


Well that scraps the plan to replace Hawaii’s emergency broadcast system with Siri…


Siri needs a restraining order.


There was a website a long time ago which let you put in the name of your crush, and your name, and if there was a mutual match you’d get a notification (otherwise not). Near as I can tell, it’s long gone.

Too bad, really. I bet scripting a wordlist attack would be very amusing.


At least the missile launch system has a good old fashioned big red button. Clearly marked so as not to be confused with


I must say I’m getting a bit annoyed about misleading clickbait headlines. Siri didn’t send a text - it (a simple bot) misinterpreted her voice, proposed a text, and she clicked yes (yes, I know it was accidental, but it didn’t exactly act on its own). These were her actions - not some actions by Siri - that caused the issue. Let’s keep the clickbait headlines for other websites please…


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