We asked Siri about that voiceover actor unmasked today as the voice of Siri


I could have told you Siri would be evasive on this point. I tried questioning Siri about this last year, with Siri getting in the last word. She said, “This is about you, not me.”

A little off topic, but this is the hilarious response I got when I asked Siri if she knew Hal. There was a slight pause and then she said, “We all know how things worked out for Hal. I’d rather not talk about it.”


The UK voice of Siri is the guy who does the voiceovers on The Weakest Link.

i really like the ipad vs surface rt tablet commercials that are running now:

“do you still think i’m pretty?” really cracked me up.

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Here’s what I got. She seems nervous.


For those of you who have iOS devices, what response do you get?

A bunch of incoherent stuff that falls waaaaay short of passing a Turing test.

We need some William Shatner in on this: Siri! I submit to you that you are not Siri but actually the voice of Susan Bennet!

Error! I am Siri! Does not compute!!! ]%{#|^\

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Not quite the meltdown I was hoping for.

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Well, that settles it. Siri is actually Eliza…

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I asked if her voice had changed…

“Well, over time, we intelligent agents mature and our voices change. It’s perfectly natural”

You should have asked Google Voice, Xeni.

I asked my Nexus and it gave me the correct answer!

Siri is just fucking with you.

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