Russia's decaying movie palaces


I’m fairly sure the one in the photo is in Armenia not Russia given that the sign is partly in Armenian and the Russian bit says “Yerevan cinema”.

EDIT: OK, so apparently it’s in Moscow or St. Petersburg, and a lot of them seem to be named after places outside Russia- there’s also a “Minsk” and an “Odessa”

We had gloriously tacky fake Deco on one side of the Curtain, Palaeo-future Brutalism on the other, and now we’ve both got multiplexes in huge sheds. With horrible purple carpet, probably.

Of course we’ve had enough decaying movie palaces here in the States too… Friend of mine was involved in a recent effort to buy and restore one, but they couldn’t raise what the owner was asking for it so it continues to sit unrestored, and dubiously maintained.

Many great one screen cinemas on the North American continent are shuttered too. If they still stand they’re venues for churches. A few are retail stores. But most are bulldozed and the land used for something else. It always saddened me to see a once great social hub no longer in existence.

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I’d never thought about it happening in other parts of the world, but it’s just as sad to see there in Russia as it is/was here in the U.S.

Sometimes “Progress” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

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