Russia's ghastly Children's Rights Commissioner finally quits


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Russia's ghastly Children's Rights Commissioner finally quits
What is ruckus? Is normal. Here, all things are ghastly. Is Russia.


Could be fun if the Putin troll factory finds this.

Hey, over here!
You can post as many bare chested Putin’s as you like.


Oh, from that headline I assumed he was the commissioner who championed the rights of Ghastly Children.


After the revelations about the sheer ghastliness of some Western politicians this week, I can’t help but think that the difference is that in Russia they can’t afford PR people, so we get the unimproved truth.

Will that do for a troll?


“So, how was the swim?”

Asshole alert, ASSHOLE!


We should remember that even Putin is afraid of Ramzan Kadyrov.


"A Russian human rights council delegation canceled a trip to Chechnya this month because Kadyrov refused to guarantee the security of Committee Against Torture NGO head Igor Kalyapin, who has been repeatedly attacked in Grozny. "

This paragraph from the Guardian would presumably be rejected by (a) Fox News because they wouldn’t want anybody to think that there might be anti-torture NGOs in Russia, and (b) Pravda because they wouldn’t want anybody to know that Russia needs one.


We could use Pavel on the board of our neighborhood association. It would actually lighten things up a couple notches.




Russia’s ghastly Children’s Rights Commissioner finally quits, so he can run on the GOP ticket?

Oh, sorry, you said Putin troll factory.

slinks away


That would be Ghastly Children’s Rights, not ghastly Children’s Rights.


I think he assumed he was too (where ghastly children = anyone under the age of 18).


This is all exactly what I would expect from a fallen empire that put its nation’s largest kid’s store – Detsky Mir, or Children’s World – across the street from the headquarters of the KGB.


Only in college, and sometimes when I’m drunk.

/which is the correct answer to many questions.


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