Russia's growing anti-Putin vanguard is young and fearless

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The kids are alright. They’re up against a very sophisticated opponent* so I hope they’re taking input from older people about all the slimy tricks Putin and his cronies employee.

[* one with the foresight to hijack (or perhaps create) a youth movement into his own nationalist personality cult years age.]


Even through one of their targets was Scientology, at the time (2003) I thought it seemed a bit doing-it-wrong.


Definitely. As background, Walking Together was the pro-Putin precursor group to Nashi. Unlike other protests against $cientology, the one you describe was basically a dispute between two authoritarian cults.


I’m confused, how could there be a Russia without Putin? That would be like America without Trump. It wouldn’t even be great again.


удачи, товарищи!

Udachi, tovarishchi!

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They find each other useful.

Every couple years, the police sledgehammer the doors to a Scientology organization for a big show.

Scientology soaks the membership elsewhere for war-chest donations to do SFA. Meanwhile, Russians on religious worker visas, or possibly even as religious refugees, make up the largest import group of Sea Org staff in Clearwater Florida, to keep their main center running and generating money. (Scientology is bleeding members, but can’t let the Sea Org staff numbers fall without closing stuff down. Foreign imports are the blood transfusion keeping them alive.)


I think it’s a fearless act by them.
The man who entered into one of the most powerful position just by false votes
Never deserves to be there


May god grant them many years.

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