Russian Orthodox Patriarch announces church-government inquiry to prove that the Tsar was killed in 1917 as part of a Jewish ritual


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'You Need to Think About It Like a War'

But they aren’t anti-Semitic… they are just asking questions! /s


Clearly there’s no bias here over what the results should be. Not at all.


Are there seriously no hard-core communists remaining in Russia?



what the fuck is going on ?

is there some sort of asteroid coming to kill us all … and we are unconsciously aware of it so we are freaking out like cats and dogs before an earthquake ?


At this point, I hope so.


And here we thought the Russians were done with pogroms.


To even take the idea of a “Jewish ritual killing” seriously enough to launch an investigation is anti-Semitic. Clearly the Patriarch doesn’t get it.


No they get it, I’m sure.


It makes a perverse kind of sense, in that the forgery known as “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” originated in Russia in the 19th century. It’s coming home after a long absence.

I would hope that this will finally cause Putin’s (and Il Douche’s) pet Jews, the Chabadniks, to wake up and smell the fascism, but I doubt it.


So, by getting in bed with religion, is this Putin imitating Donald imitating Putin :question:

Or vice versa?


“I don’t think it makes me an anti-Semite to ask this important question: was our most holy ruler Tsar Nicholas murdered as part of a ritual carried out by Jewish magicians, or was he executed on the orders of an international cabal of Jewish bankers who wished to ritually drink his blood for some other reason entirely? I have a completely open mind as to which of these two explanations will be found to fit the facts, the facts being that the Jews did it for reasons that are undoubtedly sinister and probably ritualistic. I have no intention whatsoever of jumping to any conclusions concerning which group of Jewish criminals was actually responsible for this heinous crime, and I await a full and unbiased report from the investigators who we have charged with studying Jewish guilt in the murder of our beloved Tsar. If, for example, the murder is shown to be the work of some group that is not obviously Jewish, but happens to be controlled by Jews, such as the Bolsheviks, the Mensheviks, the Manischewitz, the Anarchists, the Trotskyites, the Blavatskyites, the Blatherskites, the Elders of Zion, or the American movie and banking industries, then I shall accept uncritically whatever conclusion our investigators may come to regarding the unquestionable guilt of the Jews in this matter. Thank you.”


Putin has been in bed with the corrupt fundies of the Eastern Orthodox Church since he took power.


Is something so profoundly fucked up going on right now in Russia that they’re taking a page from trump’s playbook and deflecting attention with a bizzaro conspiracy theory?


Referring to the communist revolution as a “bizarre jewish ritual” sounds like something they’d have Mallory Archer blurt out while drunk.


Yes, Putin’s Russia has been edging into actual for-real Fascism for quite a long time now.


I wasn’t kidding when I said in the earlier thread that the Patriarch should just crown Putin Tsar of All Russias and put an end to the sham.

Putin’s Russia has become the model of governance for others (including the American GOP) to emulate: maintain a Potemkin Village version of democracy and allow for a limited vie Boheme amongst the small intelligentsia that passes for a middle class, but otherwise pander to the worst impulses of the under-educated masses (nationalism, racism, sexism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, etc.), play carrot-and-stick with the oligarchs and maintain a strong but low-profile internal security apparatus to ensure that the autocrat and his cronies remain at the top.


You mean like climate change?


Decades of living under communism does that for you.