S.E. Hinton reveals why Johnny and Dally had to die at the end of The Outsiders


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Well, if she herself says it, I guess you can’t argue with it.


Fair enough.



That just sounds like a snarky reply to a question that the author is tired of being asked, but what do I know?


She famously wrote (or started writing) the book when she was 16 years old. Stories written around that age tend to take a turn for the dramatic, do they not?


I wasn’t writing any short stories at that age. But I remember thinking at that age that Stabbing Westward really got me, and now when I listen to their music I feel like… yeah, breakups suck but maybe it’s time to let it go?


The librarian at my crappy gradeschool noticed that I was into reading but lacked any sort of guidance. So she took me aside one day and started showing me books to read. I think in maybe 5th grade, she gave me The Outsiders. It was one of my more intense reading experiences, and I was really upset about Johnny dying especially. I didn’t know that S. E. Hinton was a woman, alive, and on twitter until just now.


As if she needed a reason.


Wow, that is the same answer my mother gave when I asked why I had to be born into this vale of tears and sorrow.


A lot of authors are cheering this, because the question is usually just I don’t like what you did to that character, you should have [6,000 word essay on how they think the story should have been], so admit I am right and apologise to all us readers.

Apparently, authors hear that a lot.


Dayum!! I love that! She must’ve blown the Hailey "@adoringfack"s mind!


Hell, I’m only a Constant Reader, and I’m cheering it.

I’m reading Finder’s Keepers now, and that’s the basic motivation of the main protagonist; a writer of a beloved fiction series is killed by a psychotic fan who didn’t like how the narrative ended.



OMG, spoiler alert?


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