RIP, Sue Townsend


How sad. I loved those books as well.

Awww. Sad.

I grew up on the Adrian Mole books, even though I was 10 years younger than the character.

Another person gone who will be missed

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She understood the nerdy adolescent male so well and captured the essence of the Thatcher years. A sad and unexpected loss. Commiserations, aged 54 1/4

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You read them when you were 3¾?

I too am saddened though. It’s been a strange week for celebrity deaths :frowning:

I remember an interview with her a few years ago. She said she abused her body, eating, drinking and smoking too much. She became diabetic and eventually went blind because of it. It was a very memorable interview, she was so honest it was refreshing, but terribly sad. RIP.

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No, but I did read Secret Diary and Growing Pains before I was 10 though. I’m sure that a fair amount of the story went over my head at the time but I still enjoyed them.

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Exactly, this nerdy adolescent male (who, like Cory, is about the age of AM) gained a lot from the books. I guess having a character you can identify with so well helps you through, what can be, a challenging time of your life.

Thanks Sue and RIP.


Somehow I never got around to reading any of the Adrian Mole books. I was aware of them but was pretty much only reading SF as a kid.

I only discovered she was from Leicester last week. As she was a local author I’d have thought we would have been encouraged to read her books. Maybe we were and I just resisted.

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