RIP, Eugie Foster


Lovely picture…

I’m sure a tragic loss for her loved ones. We all have our due date, one that comes all to soon for some. The most inevitable and natural part of existence is still such a trial for those left behind.

I’ll buy a book and check it out…RIP.

I hadn’t heard about her illness, and am so very sorry to know about the loss.

For those who haven’t read Eugie Foster, I’ll put up this link to an Escape Pod podcast reading of the novelette for which she won the Nebula award. This is an excellent reading of a finely crafted story.

EP214: Sinner, Baker, Fablist, Priest; Red Mask, Black Mask, Gentleman, Beast
Rated R for sex, masks, and violence.

For those who prefer print, Apex Magazine reprinted the story for free online.

Also, here’s the link to her Wikipedia page. Please do buy her work. I posted these links so people would know just how wonderful her writing is, and then be able to find more.

RIP Eugie.


Reading through her blog, I see she was also subject to the conditions of the US insurance industry, and employment laws. Needing to raise money for healthcare? Having to go to work while sick just so she doesn’t “use up” all her “sick days” and vacation days? Disgusting…


Thank you. My first thought, even before I read her husband’s incredible statement, was that I need to buy and read some of her books.

I also just checked my local public library, and they only have Magic In The Mirrorstone, an anthology that includes one of her stories. Once I finish her books I’ll be donating them.


What a great reading of a great story… I hadn’t heard this reading before. By the late, great Larry Santoro, no less. Definitely will need to check her stuff out.

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Rated R for… masks…


I see what you mean.

Thanks for the link-- really enjoyed it.

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