Sad Rap is a thing: who is the most despondent emcee of all?


Emo Rap? Huh.

He might not be the saddest emcee, but MF DOOM has some pretty melancholic raps, about disappointment in friends who abandon you when you need them, the heartbreak of failed relationships, and finding solace in alcohol.

There’s always been a lot of sadness in hip-hop. Though the term “sad rap” brings to mind “What’s Up Fatlip?” It’s self-mocking, so it’s not as overtly emo as the ones in the link.

“I make myself sick, get on my own nerves/Immature, insecure grown up nerd/Has-been MC on a label that’s unstable/Choppin’ bliggy on the table.”

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Atmosphere, 808s and Heartbreak, Kid Cudi, Aesop Rock, half of 2Pac’s output, half of Biggie’s output (his two living releases were called “Ready To Die” and “Life After Death”)… hip-hop has done “sad” for a while, and well.


Shades of Bushwick Bill’s solo stuff.

I’ve always thought this Z-Ro track is super sad:

I wish my recording studio was emo so it would cut a record itself…

Oh Baby Yooooooooooouuuu
You got what I neeeeeeed
But you say he’s just a friend -
But you say he’s just a friend

Extra, extra: read all about it!

Entire genre of music is not as stereotypes characterise it!

Blackalicious - Release (part 2)

Michael Franti - Gas Guage

The Herd - State of Transit

LowKey - Everything Must Change

Jurassic 5 - Thin Line

GhostPoet - Cold Win

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“Don’t wanna make a rapper cry then watch what you say” --“Hurt Feelings,” Flight of the Conchords.


MC Morrisey!

Before or after his domestic “incident”?
I remember a photo in Rolling Stone back in the day, Bushwick Bill still in his hospital bed and nightie, gigantic cloth bandages where his eye used to be, swigging a flask-shaped bottle of grain alcohol. The caption read:

Bushwick Bill outta sight.

Gotta admit that was a pretty good pun, and black humor tickles my funny bone.

It’s funny how the writer of this article seems to listen to rap since yesterday but thinks she can already express a valid opinion. There has been sad or “emo” rap for a long time like Atmosphere, Buck 65 or Sage Francis. My personal favourite is Awol One:

“Have you ever been called homo because in school you took drama?”
“Have you ever been told that you look like a llama?”

“The day after my birthday is not my birthday mum!”

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Oooo. TO THE GOOGLES! I am picking up a lot of new fantastic hip hop from this thread!

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