Sadistic browser game of the day: Tetromino Slide

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That is…interesting. Not sure I could play it long enough to put together any sort of strategy, though. Aargh.

“Tetronimo Slide” needs to be the name for a new line dance that becomes a staple at wedding receptions.

As for the game: at first I thought my Tetris skills would translate, but I was very wrong. (Sorry for the pun, I couldn’t help myself).


This is actually impossible, right?


As near as I can tell, yes.

hey I got two rows and wow no

Not impossible, just dramatically more dependent on getting the right piece at the right time than the normal game. You can use the verticality of various pieces to “lock” the row from sliding, enabling line clears:

Fuck you @beschizza. My day is RUINED.

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It sounds like that or an obscure Buckner and Garcia B-Side.

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