Slideways: if Connect 4 was as sneaky as Go

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There’s also a 3D version of Connect Four (called Connect 4 Advanced), which confused the hell out of me.

I’m not really a ‘non-narrative/puzzle games’ person (if that makes sense), but this looks exceptional.

Holy crap it’s a bit dear in the UK!

I can’t help thinking somebody’s automated pricing algorithm has gone a bit wrong somewhere.

This could easily be adapted as a computer game, and then without having to worry about the mechanics, you could have sliding columns in addition to the sliding rows. You could make it infinitely sliding by simply having a square reset to the neutral color once it slides off-screen.

This reminds me a bit of the early classic computer game Archon, that I played on my Amiga 2000. Similar to the battle-chess aboard the Millennium Falcon, sans the 3D effect, in that pieces moved to the same square have to battle for possession of the square. However, each square is constantly changing from light to dark and back again. Light and Dark players have a advantage when they battle square is closer to light or dark, respectively.

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