This softbody Tetris animation is soothing to watch

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May the person who messed with the timing of those beats rot in a special place in hell where Paula White’s freestyle plays in an endless loop.

How odd. It strikes me as gelatin tribbles more than actual Tetris, since they bounce and change orientation.

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This was very fun and satisfying, but I feel left a little cold that they didn’t set up and knock down a proper 4-line Tetris…

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Image: YouTube

Well that attribution doesn’t seem correct. Is YouTube just procedurally generating videos now?

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See, I found this really not soothing: I did not like how the pieces changed to fit the space, unlike regular Tetris pieces. YMMV.




Also, Am I wrong or the tune is out of time?
It seems to me it adds like a 32th pause here and there; probably more of a software problem than done on purpose.

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