Safe sex advice from a duck




Okay, I can’t resist a tiny bit of self-promotion here. Behold: my pornographic Steampunk comedy-of-manners, starring a trio of duck/geoduck hybrids (named Hubert, Dewey, and Louise). (Link is SFW. The book itself isn’t really safe for anywhere.)


…so the bellhop says, “You want me to put that on your bill?”


I would love to have only the children I wanted!

But seriously, I’m confused: where and under what circumstances would this cartoon have been shown?


Wow, so much tip-toeing around the “c”-word.


That cartoon seemed sensible and almost non-offensive, even by more modern standards.

Also, Donald Duck seems clumsy at the best of times. Maybe they should consider drawing a more graceful duck.


I’ll just leave this here…


Thank God the woman didn’t say anything. That would be so lewd!


I presume everyone realizes that this was a population-explosion PSA more than a safe-sex PSA. I presume you also note that it was aimed primarily at the idea that “those people” should have fewer children.


Seriously, is this narrated by Orson Welles?



Junior High/High School Sex-Ed classes?


I was thinking it seems pretty sexist even for 1968, but then it seems to be intended for a global audience… it’d probably make the most sense to do it the same way today; your typically oppressed woman probably couldn’t relate to one who gets to speak for herself.


It would be interesting to know if this was distributed dubbed in languages other than English.


Not just sex-ed, sexist-ed too.

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