Disney Comic from 1960 shows what a radical man-hating feminist Daisy Duck was


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Why is she missing a shoe in some panels?


She’s a duck. Why’s she wearing any?


I can’t decide whether I want to see the rest of the comic. I hope it will end with Donald admitting that Daisy is right and that the world should be more balanced, but I have a feeling I’ll be disappointed.


It’s with her pants.


It’s really about ethics in game journalism.


So, she knows how to read Donald Duck?


It’s buried in male duckbutt.


One of the first MAD Magazine issues I ever read had a bit about “What happens when other cartoons follow the Doonesbury model.”

In one Donald is ranting about the lack of respect he receives and asks, as I recall, “Why is my intellect not compared to that of Plato or Aristotle?”

Daisy replies, “They weren’t bare-assed ducks in sailor suits.”

MAD got extra credit for the risque use of “ass”.


I see, you think she’s supposed to walk around naked to fulfill your male sexual desires. Typical.


Daisy Duck had her own comic book title in Brazil in the 80s and 90s. I remember many stories had an actual no-BS feminism-friendly slant in questioning gender roles and dealing with issues like independent, competent, adventurous womanhood.

Here’s an honest-to-goodness academic paper on this (Portuguese only, sorry).




I hear that going barefoot whenever possible is a good way to build up arch strength for those with flat feet.


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