Salami cultured from celebrity muscle tissue


Soooo you can be like Kim Kardashian and might be able to taste Kanye’s salami in the future?

After which you’ll be faced with the difficult decision as to whether or not you really want to swallow.

Obligatory “Bitelabs is people!” OK, move on now.

I want to read Sterling, not live Sterling, for fuck’s sake.

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This just in. Price of fava beans spikes because of high demand.

Sustainable? What the hell good is that?

Soylent Green is Franco!

assuming this is legitimate, aren’t their health concerns with cannibalism? is it only neural issues that causes problems?

As far as I know its nerve, especially brain and spinal tissues, that cause the issues. And it might not be limited to just brains and spines from the same species. I could totally be wrong but I seem to remember there being concerns about people eating primates for this reason. ANYWAYS this is basically how mad cow happens, but people style.

I want a list of the names of any celebrity who contributes their muscles. Then I want of list of the names of anyone who purchases these, plus anyone who knowingly consumes it.

I want to add them to my kill filters.

/hates this celebrity culture.

This idea was a minor part of the film Antiviral. The more central idea was people paying to be infected with viruses collected and cultured from celebrities. I found the movie worth my time.

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