Salesforce faces boycott over Border Patrol contract

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I don’t see any mention of Heroku in the letter. I’d be interested in understanding Heroku’s involvement.


I don’t think it’s any more or less than the fact that Salesforce owns Heroku.

And contrary to the quote in the article, the open letter doesn’t actually threaten a boycott of Salesforce either: it just says that the signers “will not be quiet” until Salesforce drops its CBP contract.


Millennials get a lot of flak, but I think they’re one generation that will have the guts to put principles first.

ETA - I also don’t know how to spell ‘Millennials’


you would think people would be happy that the US government were using a top notch CRM package

In a perverse way, I wonder if this will hurt the families at the border by making ICE even more ineffective at reuniting them. Then again, if it slows down future separations, maybe it’s more positive than that.

I’m all for the underlying sentiment, though. Shut down ICE.


Um… okay. I mean, I guess that the thousands out on the street against the Vietnam war in the 60s or thousands out on the street against nuclear proliferation in the 80s just don’t count as having the guts to put their principles first?


Well done. Boycotts never really work because they impact consumers more than corporations. But being loud at shaming works especially in San Francisco.

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I don’t think “top notch” and “CRM package” belong in the same sentence.

Disclosure: I’ve never used Salesforce, although I’ve installed lots of other CRMs and struggled to maintain them for their users. (Pro Tip - if anyone asks you to have anything to do with any software from Blackbaud, scream and run, and don’t stop or look back until you’re out of the parking lot!)

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Right because businesses which have invested so much in Salesforce are gonna say “ya know, I’ll just consider that a sunk cost and spend another flaming wheelbarrow of cash on building the same thing in house”

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