Salesforce Tower extra phallic in LEGO San Francisco

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Don’t forget Mr Cage and some flares.

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So which has been destroyed more, Golden Gate bridge, or Statue of Liberty? :slight_smile:

I’m looking at the Salesforce Tower out my window right now, and I’m sad to report it really does look like that


They’ve at least been using a water-like blue green display for the glans of the salesphallus lately. A year ago they had 49ers colors for the superb owl, and boy did it look fleshy from across town.

Does this count?

Howdy neighbor.

Wow, a true abomination that deserves to be destroyed!

Wow really bad overall on so many accounts. Everything is just utterly wrong. What is the bronze box? Why would you focus on the ugliest structure? The obvious angle to SF is from east not south… Who how why? Who is this targeted?

Chemical weapons superfreak, really.

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People who work for Salesforce?

I hate the false perspective on the bridge. Surely the joy of Lego is that it’s actually 3D

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