Salt Lake City apartment complex threatens tenants with eviction if they don't "Friend" the building


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Dear apartment management. I don’t have a facebook account. So how does that work then?


You are hereby evicted.

-The Management


Dear apartment management: I… I don’t have any friends. So how does that work then?


I am sure there are lawyers just salivating at the lawsuit potential of this. The line probably goes around the corner already.


Not to worry. You can still get important updates by following the apartment complex Twitter feed.

What? Oh, well, yeah, we assume the MySpace page is still there, but the blinky badge graphics haven’t been updated in a while.


Dear apartment management: none of my friends use Facebook, so I created an account just for you.

Parts of this statement may or may not be true.


How does the Management feel about tenants telling the outside world about this new and exciting opportunity?


Worse, the apartment complex is always sending me Farmville invites!


Welcome to our glorious future! For some reason I still prefer the jetpack and personal servant robot one.


For good measure, the Addendum bans negative reviews as well.

I just left them a negative review.


Aside from the bullshit-social-marketing-grubbing-for-astroturf-positive-reviews stuff, this is extra creepy because ‘friending’ isn’t just an implicit endorsement, it gives the friended entity additional access to the data connected to your facebook profile.

Grubbing for positive reviews is just garden variety slime; but the demand for friend-level access to personal information crosses the line into ‘somebody get the cadaver dogs warmed up to check the backyard’ levels of creepy.



I miss MySpace, really.


Streisand effect in 3 … 2 … 1 …


time to get a jetpack, hal


Facebook should step in- maybe threaten to take down their page. I don’t think this is in the spirit of Facebook, whatever that is.


Yeah, I suspect that’ll happen soon enough. It’s still early in the morning on the West Coast, but this is clearly against their ToS.



Dear Tenant,

I’d like to add you to my LinkedIn network.

-The Management