Salvador Dali's corpse to be exhumed


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Exhumation: Suitably surreal. I think Dali would have approved.


Oh good, can I have it when they’re done with it?


The more interesting bit for me has nothing to do with Dali. The organization doing the test is Spain’s National Institute of Toxicology?


Full name is Instituto Nacional de Toxicología y Ciencias Forenses, or “Toxicology and Forensic Science”


I presumed they specialized in forensic methodologies, but didn’t know that the name for it was incomplete in what Rob posted. Good to know :slight_smile:


A Madrid judge has ordered the exhumation of the body of the painter Salvador Dalí and the obtaining of samples of its body for the practice of the biological test of determination of the paternity of Pilar Abel, a Gerund who presented a claim to be recognized like daughter of the artist. According to the judge in charge of the case, “biological evidence of the paternity of Maria Pilar Abel Martínez regarding Don Salvador Dalí Domenech” is necessary, "there are no biological remains or personal objects on which to practice Test by the National Institute of Toxicology ".


proper translation here is “A person from Gerona, Spain who presented a claim to be recognized like daughter of the artist”


Am I the only one with “Hello, Dolly” stuck in my head?

'Hello, Dali
Now get this, Dali
We just had to dig you up to run some tests
Are you a dad, Dali?
Time will tell, Dali
And you where resting oh so nicely in your grave…’


If he had gone through with being refrigerated this wouldn’t be necessary. Frozen in time would have suited him.

From WaPo 1980:

"Explaining why he has asked that his body be stored in a frozen vault after his death, Dali made no pretense of hoping that medical science might be able to revive him in the future.

“They asked me to spread the word that I wanted to be hibernated, and they told me that if I did, they would hibernate me in exchange for the publicity. Well, it’s worth $8,000, so I said, ‘Hibernate me then.’ I thought it was a good deal.”

Asked if he considers himself immortal, Dali confessed, “I do my best scientifically to convince myself . . . But the truth is, I doubt it.”

“Gelatinous Watches of Space-Time”




Yes. Yes you are.
Well not any more.
Thanks for that.


Salvador Dali’s corpse

I’ll bet it’s exquisite!


I’m shaking my head at the missed opportunity for an exquisite corpse joke…


Positive ID to be made by the persistence of moustachery.


Will this guy not finally quit trolling?


Is this the same ‘Snakefinger’ who occasionally did studio work for The Residents?


The samples have determined that Salvador Dali is the biological father of three lightly singed bus tokens, a book of Catholic Saints pulled from a chemical toilet, and the broken limbs of Jared Kushner. But only after they are removed.