Salvador Dalí goofs around in this 1954 home movie

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I’m curious about the story behind the abruptly ended pan up on the Sagrada Familia at the beginning. I’m assuming this was film, so “taping over it” wouldn’t make sense. Did he start filming the SF, then suddenly stop but leave the film in the camera and pick up filming again right where he left off?

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One of my most pleasing childhood memories was seeing Dali walking on a NYC sidewalk with Gala. It was in the early 60’s, I was 6 or 7 years old driving with my family on a rare visit to the city. I had no idea who Dali was and when I heard my father say “Look, there’s Salvador Dali” I only glanced out the window because we share the same first name. Dali noticed my family watching him from the car window and he paused, turned our way, and lifted his cane (or umbrella, I’m unsure) vertically, gave us a gentle nod with his head and walked on. I recalled this memory years later when I learned who he was.


Ah, Port Lligat and the tour of Dali’s abfab casa. The kayak rental and a paddle to the stony beaches in sun-drenched bays all around there. The skiff that serves ice-cold cocktails in said bays and beaches. Yeah the Great Masturbator rock is just a rock but the hike at Cap de Creus is hot. The Dali museum in Figueres was pretty awesome. We stayed in Cadaques and it was a trip of a lifetime.

I recall seeing this in NYC in the 70s on Eyewitness news.

(source: LA Times): Later [Dali] left New York en route to Cannes, carrying a 5-foot-tall, purple Bugs Bunny doll that had been given to him as a bon voyage gift. “This is the most ugly and frightening animal in the world,” he said. “I will paint it with mayonnaise and make it an object of art.”

Such a fun person.í-and-the-dictator


Fascists and misogynist abusers are not “fun to hang out with.” It seems like spending time around Dali would be either exhausting, dangerous, or both, depending on what position in society you occupied.

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This video had some Charlie Chaplin/Buster Keaton vibes to me, especially almost falling off the elephant skull chair.

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