The story behind Dalí and Disney's surrealist short "Destino"

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Wow. This vid is just about exactly what I would have imagined for a cross pollenation between Disney and Dali. Mind = blown.


Always been annoyed that they did such a half-baked job of this with the crossfaded low frame rate parts instead of bothering to fully animate it tho :frowning:


Which demonstrates that music in the original version is a bit old-fashioned, even compared to Pink Floyd :grinning:

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A few years ago, The Walt Disney Family Museum did an exhibition: Disney and Dalí: Architects of the Imagination. It was one of the best exhibitions they’ve done and focused on this collaboration.

Sadly this exhibition is closed, but I highly recommend going to the museum when in San Francisco. It’s run by the Disney family with an agreement and understanding with the company.

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